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Living La Pura Vida
Costa Rica Retreat

Join Meredyth and like-minded women age 40+ as we embark on the trip of our lives in beautiful Costa Rica Oct 31-Nov. 7 2024

Heading 4

property bedroom.jpeg

Where: We will stay at the beautiful Kia Ora Royal Sabitha Vacation & Retreat Center 

Royal Sabitha and Sabitha at Casa Kia Ora offer a vacation location you won’t forget! Enjoy a large completely private jungle property with separate luxury bedroom cabinas and a two-story main house that has all you could ask for; a large modern kitchen, laundry room, two lounge areas, balcony overlooking the property, and much more!

Royal Sabitha opened its doors in 2021 and is truly a project born out of love. Maybe surprising to those who are familiar with the origins of the saying “Kia Ora”, we are a family from Zimbabwe. The unique layout of Royal Sabitha and Sabitha are based on the lodge idea found in Africa. As a big family we love spending time together, but we also love having space to ourselves ;) and that is what Royal Sabitha and Sabitha offer. Enjoy all the common areas and retreat to your luxury, air conditioned cabinas for some quiet time enjoying the jungle views.


Zip Line Tour

Weather Permitting

Soar over the Jungle in Costa Rice and get your adrenaline pumping! This trip is about trying new things and saying "yes!" to life and new adventures.  This will be one for the books and an experience you will tell stories about how you "did it!"

zip line.jpeg
Healthy Breakfast


This may sound "over the top" but I will tell you the meals that we will have will have you begging to come back to another retreat! 

All of your meals are expertly prepared by the amazing Chef Melchor, using the freshest ingredients available.  Melchor brings an energy to the retreat that can't be duplicated and that is why without him, it wouldn't be the PERFECT retreat!

Breakfast, Lunch and dinner will be provided daily.  Nothing to think about and nothing to decide.  You are here to grow, explore, heal and be taken care of!

Yoga & Breathwork

Yoga will be offered a few mornings during the retreat along with a Breathwork class.  We have hired the best of the best to lead both classes for a truly relaxing and transformative experience.  

Read More about Breathwork from The Cleveland Clinic

Plant Medicine

We hired beautiful, educated and skillful indigenous people from Costa Rica to lead our group in a number of plant medicine ceremonies.  All of these are, of course optional, but highly recommended.  A Cacao ceremony to open the heart, and plant medicine ceremonies throughout the week that aim to open the mind and allow the ego to take a break, for once.  Plant medicine has been a way of life for thousands of years with the people of Costa Rica and we are being invited into their culture by the people of the land. 

Ecstatic Dance & Evening at Selva

Discover the power of transformation with ecstatic dance at the beautiful Selva Armonia. Ecstatic dance is a free form experience which allows the dancer to release themselves to the rhythm and move freely as the music takes them,  sometimes leading to trance and a feeling of ecstasy. Nobody is allowed to touch, speak to or bother you.  You are allowed complete freedom of movement, or to sit and relax.  The beauty is the fluidity and expression, without judgement or rules...just music, the jungle and you.  

We will have dinner at Selva this day and will be able to spend ample time after the dance to enjoy the amazing grounds, bar, pool or whatever your heart desires. 


Beach Trip!

A trip to Costa Rica wouldn't be complete without a trip to the beach! Enjoy the beach and ocean waves along the backdrop of the jungle of Costa Rica! Sit in the sand, dip your toes in the water and soak up the sun alone or with a new friend.  Walking and just enjoying your free time is what this trip is all about and playing on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world just makes all the relaxation even better!

Immerse yourself in the healing experience of a sound bath. Relax and enjoy the music and vibrations of the frequencies of crystal and/or Tibetan sound bowls.  A sound bath experience is a musical meditation of healing.

Benefits may be immediate, like being relaxed, or gradual as in healing the body, mind and spirit.  Some may feel impatient, where others may fall into a deep sleep or meditative state.  Regardless, a sound bath has amazing benefits in keeping the body is a state of health and healing.

See more from the Cleveland Clinic here 

Sound Bath


Waterfall & Bamboo Forest Trip

Hike through a bamboo forest to a beautiful Waterfall in the jungle of Costa Rica.  Spend time and learn techniques to "leave your old self behind," and "bring in a whole new YOU!" 

Nature, trees, animals and water are the perfect place to set intentions for the life you want to live. Learning techniques to inspire change through a tangible practice will allow you to feel your vision in real time. 

One of Meredyth's favorite excursions during her time in Costa Rica. 

Living La Pura Vida

Oct 31st One night Air B&B double occupancy near the airport, dinner at a local restaurant & breakfast the next morning before transfer to the retreat center in an Air Conditioned van

Six night accommodations double occupancy at retreat center
All Meals while you are in Costa Rica
All transportation to and from all events, to and from the airport (Nov 1 morning and Nov 7)
Ecstatic Dance at Selva with Dinner (drinks after dinner are cash and your personal expense)
3 Plant Medicine ceremonies

Zip Line adventure with transportation (packed lunch)
Waterfall and Bamboo Jungle trip with transportation
Guided Breathwork
approximately 3 Yoga mornings
Sound Bath healing journey with practitioner

All prices are per person double occupancy
Royal Sabitha is where we will be eating our meals.  It is a short walk from Sabitha. Because there is a walk, this is reflected in the price.  If we only have 8 attendees, all Sabitha attendees will be moved to Royal Sabitha (no walk) and will be charged the Royal Sabitha Price.

Not included
Airfare to SJO
spending money for shopping, snacks, drinks at Selva
Any transfers to or from the airport outside of the organized van transfer, or personal trips you want to take outside of the group
Food not mentioned above

Packing list
summer clothes you can have fun in
bathing suite
water shoes--closed toe shoes that can get wet to hike to waterfall through water
shorts long enough for zip line tour
flowy dress or clothing for ecstatic dance
personal journal
blanket if you like something heavy to sleep with (a light blanket is provided)
pajamas (you will have a roommate)
Yoga attire for breathwork, yoga, sound bath experience 
dress that you can throw on for breakfast
bug spray

Cost for everthing
One of the most important thing Meredyth found when she attended her retreat in Costa Rica was that in her normal life, being a mom and wife she always had to attend to everyone in her day to day.  Being in Costa Rica and having everything planned, especially the meals, was monumental in her healing and self-discovery.  She was able to truly focus on herself and nothing else had to be thought of.....HUGE!!  She wants you to land and be cared for.  For you to truly be selfish in the most beautiful way possible and have to think of nothing!  This is going to be that trip for YOU!

Let's talk about the fears around double occupancy! Meredyth was willing to pay any amount of money to be able to stay ALONE at her first retreat! When all was said and done that was not possible and she was so glad it wasn't.  As women we are often times made to handle life alone, figure "it" out and isolate to deal with our emotions. Double occupancy with someone you have never met allows you to be whomever you want, work through changes that will transpire on this trip and celebrate your wins!  This is an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and isolation, and anyone needing you, and instead step into community for a whole different experience. 

Royal Sabitha Stay $3888
Sabitha $3777

Deposit $1000 due immediately to hold your spot (8 available at Royal Sabitha 4 at Sabitha)
July 4   $1000
August 4   $1000
September 4 $777 or $888 depending on property

Cancellations must be made by Sept 4 to receive a Full refund.  After Sept 4 only 50% refund will be honored.  No refunds will be made after October 4.

Payments can be made via Zelle

Should I come with a friend I have never traveled alone?
Perfect!! This is a wonderful opportunity to reinvent yourself and find YOU!  So often we don't realize we show up the way people expect us to be. This is a wonderful opportunity to find out who you are with nobody "watching!" If you do plan on coming with someone you know, perhaps stay in separate rooms, you will spend plenty of time together doing all the fun things as a group. 

I don't know if I want to participate in plant medicine?
No problem! Meredyth was very fearful of plant medicine prior to her retreat.  She was afraid of everything about it. When she made the decision to put down her fears and be open, that's when everything shifted. She opened up faith over fear and challenged herslef beyond what she had been told her whole life about alternative practices.  This has gone on to help not only her, but countless clients who have been helped through plant medicine. 

I don't know if I can do the Zip Line?
That is totally fine but be open to the possibility! You have lived your whole life one way, and maybe this is a great opportinity to try something outside of your comfort zone.  If you still don't want to do it, you will get a refund for the ticket, no problem, after the week when you return home

I absolutely don't want to share a room!
Meredyth totally understands your apprehension! Trust the process.  If you are really wanting to pay for a whole room, she will work out a price for you, but it isn't as big of an issue as you may believe. 

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