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158: Gastric Bypass and Mounjaro with Nicole

Podcast Show Notes: Nicole's Journey Beyond Gastric Bypass

Today, we have an inspiring and candid conversation with Nicole, who will be sharing her journey through gastric bypass and a lifelong journey with weightloss.

The  Gastric Bypass Journey:

Nicole opens up about her decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery and the initial success she experienced in weight loss.

We discuss the common misconception that gastric bypass is a "quick fix" and the underlying issues with food noise that Nicole still struggled with despite the surgery.

Insight into the physical and emotional toll of not being able to absorb vitamins and minerals properly post-surgery.

The Struggle with Weight Regain:

Nicole shares her experience of gaining the weight back and how she did the gastric bypass surgery from others.

We discuss the societal stigma around weight regain after weight loss surgery and the emotional toll it takes on an individual.

We explore the challenges of gaining 10 pounds a year and how it can happen more easily than people realize.

Embracing Mounjaro and Turning Down the Food Noise:

Introduction to Nicole's current journey with Mounjaro and how it has been instrumental in helping her manage food noise.

We discuss the concept of food noise and how it can be a lifelong struggle for individuals, even after weight loss surgery.

Nicole's perspective on the importance of addressing the root causes of overeating and emotional eating.

Shifting Perspectives on Weight Management:

How Nicole views weight loss and managing her weight as a lifelong journey rather than a destination.

She emphasizes the need for a balanced approach, including healthy choices and regular exercise, in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Nicole's insights into learning to eat what she wants in moderation and finding the right balance.

Self-Love and the Key to Transformation:

The importance of self-love in the weight loss journey and how it contrasts with shame and self-hate.

How Nicole lives life through accepting and loving herself, regardless of her weight.

Closing thoughts on the ongoing nature of the journey and the understanding that true change comes from within.

A heartfelt thanks to Nicole for sharing her courageous journey and insights.

We encourage you to embrace their own paths, understanding that the journey to health and self-love is unique for everyone.

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