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166: Magic Words with Author & Actress, Tracie Main


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166: Magic Words with Author & Actress, Tracie Main

Today, I  have the pleasure of interviewing Tracie Main, an award-winning children's book author, known for her empowering and interactive stories.

Tracie's Background

  • Tracie's journey from a Theatre Arts Major at the University of Iowa to landing roles in Los Angeles and becoming a member of the SAG/Aftra Union.

  • The influence of her father, John Amico, a beauty industry leader, on her understanding of the power of self-belief.

  • Tracie's passion for writing and her transition to becoming an author with both published and unpublished works.

The Magic Words Series

  • Overview of Tracie's popular children's book series: "Johnny’s Mommy’s Magic Words," "Biddy Squiddy’s Magic Words," and "Hailey Unicorn’s Magic Words."

  • Each book teaches kids different sets of "magic words" or positive self-affirmations, helping characters overcome obstacles.

  • Recognition and awards received, including the Mom's Choice Awards Gold Recipient for both books.

Impactful Partnerships and Workshops

  • Collaboration with Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop to create make-your-own stuffed animal plush tied to the book characters.

  • Hundreds of schools and libraries across the country conducting character-building workshops with hands-on activities.

  • Tracie's dedication to spreading the message of self-belief through interactive sessions for children.

Quotes and Philosophy

  • Tracie shares the words of inspiration that have guided her life and are now an integral part of her children's routine.

  • The importance of words lingering in a child's thoughts, shaping their innermost beliefs even when parents aren't physically present.

Special Offer and Book Availability

  • Tracie's books, are available on Amazon and various retailers.

  • Tracie's generous offer to donate books to those in need for a confidence boost—listeners encouraged to reach out via email or social media.

  • A heartfelt thank you to Tracie Main for sharing her inspiring journey and the impact of her books on children.

  • Encouragement for listeners to check out Tracie's books, spread the message of self-belief, and take advantage of the special offer.


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