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Episode 10; Shifting from Fear to Faith with Thomas A. Shute

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I am so excited to be bringing you my very first guest on the podcast. In this episode, I was joined by a good friend of mine and someone that I like to call my spiritual son, Thomas A. Shute. 

Thomas is the owner of 5 Mile Yoga and Wellness and though we’ve never met in person, we’re internet besties and operate on the same soul wavelength.

Thomas shares how we came to know each other and the spiritual crossroads he overcame. He talks about the biggest lessons he learned from God, tools that keep him faithful and his journey as a Kundalini yoga instructor and studio owner. 

What you’ll find in this episode:

• How Thomas and I know each other

• The spiritual crossroad he was at

• Why he’s sick of continuing patterns without change

• One of the biggest lessons he’s learned about God

• The mantra that shifted him from fear to faith

• What tools keep him faithful

• His experience as a yoga entrepreneur and teaching Kundalini yoga

• Lessons he’s learned from his spiritual teachers

• Why you should always seek friends who are moving forward and evolving


Links mentioned:

Thomas’ Instagram

5 Mile Yoga & Wellness

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