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Episode 107: Are You Delaying the Inevitable with Thomas Shute

Every day we are delaying the inevitable. Folding laundry instead of writing your book. Giving more and more in your job instead of taking the steps to start your own business. Procrastinating on a dream, on a gut feeling, on something you know you are meant to do.

In today’s episode, I’m chatting with my friend Thomas Shute, as we are both delaying the inevitable of finishing the books we are writing. We’re chatting about trusting that the universe is taking care of you, synchronicities, and recognizing all the ways abundance shows up in your lives.

The antidote to delaying the inevitable is to just start. The answer is that simple. As Thomas says in this episode, the only way out is through.

What’s in this episode:

  • How Thomas felt when considering a project that wasn’t right for him

  • How delaying the inevitable is delaying the goodness you want in your life

  • Why everything we’re doing in our human lives is about growth and awakening, even (and especially) the hard stuff

  • The importance of recognizing time and freedom (not just money) as a component of abundance

  • How to get in the practice of tackling things immediately and trusting the process

Resources mentioned:

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