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Episode 110: REPLAY! Finding Yourself

If you wake up every day feeling unhappy, it’s probably because you're listening to the voice inside of your head that’s telling you to do things you don’t actually want to do. You are spending time doing things that aren’t in alignment with your life’s soul purpose!

It’s time to find a plan, work the plan and get the life you deserve to live.

This episode is all about finding yourself and getting in tune with what’s actually true.

Also, I am going to let you in on a secret... That voice that’s inside of your head, she (or he) is a liar and you can’t spend another minute listening to the bullshit they’re spewing at you in an attempt to dim your light and keep you down.

I am talking all about this today and how so many people are held back by this inner voice. I also share how holding back from being who you genuinely want to be is a hindrance to not only yourself but other people who need your inspiration for their journey.

What you’ll find in this episode:

  • What it really means to find yourself

  • Why you need to find out what isn’t you

  • Why you NEED to learn that opinions aren’t truth

  • The weight of this world on everyone’s shoulders

  • How the inner voice keeps you from being who you’re meant to be

  • Why you shouldn't waste your time with miserable people

Resources mentioned:

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