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Episode 118: Traits of Emotionally Immature People


The world is filled with emotionally immature people from the neighbor next door to famous actors and politicians. You have them in your life as friends, as coworkers, and almost certainly in your family. Dealing with emotionally immature people isn’t something we can avoid, but we can choose not to let them dictate our own emotions and responses – because they can’t even handle their own emotions.

Today, I’m walking you through some common traits of emotionally immature people, why they respond to the world the way that they do, and why we cannot let them control our own emotional responses and affect our relationships.

If listening to this conversation feels uncomfortably familiar in the way that it describes your own responses to emotion and attachment, know that this is not the time for shame. It’s a time to reflect, to heal, and to work on your own maturity, so you can break this destructive cycle in your life and your relationships.

What you’ll find in this episode:

  • The traits of emotionally mature – and emotionally immature – people

  • How emotional immaturity can ruin relationships

  • Why anything outside of their emotional comfort feels like a threat to emotionally immature people

  • Why we can’t let emotionally immature people dictate our reactions and responses, because emotionally immature people don’t take responsibility for the way they make people feel

  • Why it’s so important to learn about attachment and emotional maturity and how it can help us heal and break hurtful cycles

  • How emotionally immature people avoid emotional attachments and squash other’s joy, and how childhood anxiety continues this cycles

  • Why it’s so hard to talk to emotionally immature people

Resources mentioned:

Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents How to Heal from Distant Rejecting or Self-involved Parents by Lindsay C. Gibson

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