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Episode 123: Getting Deep in Manifestation

This is the first episode in a new series, where my friend Alison will be interviewing me about all things psychic, medium, channeling, and existential life.

Manifestation is about focusing on what you want while reality catches up to your dream. When you show up as your highest self, and you’re interacting intentionally, you’ll notice the little things that build every day toward your manifestation.

In today’s episode, Allison and I are chatting about how manifestation merges the spiritual with the physical, staying in the moment, blocking fear, and some poignant examples of how manifestation doesn’t happen overnight.

There are energetic beings constantly working for your greatest good—and you have to put in the work, too. Recognize your fear, and squash it. Lean into the magic and do the work and you, along with your guides, will create a life that’s more amazing than you could even imagine. And don’t forget to have fun along the way.

We want to hear from you! If you have feedback on this new series, please let us know. What questions do you have? What are you curious about? Send your thoughts or questions to

  • What manifestation really is, and what so many people get wrong about manifestation

  • The importance of not forcing or pushing when it comes to energy

  • How to stay in the flow and follow the breadcrumbs toward what you are manifesting, and how it’s fun to be aware of that magic

  • How your subconscious works towards manifestation in advance of the physical reality

  • How fear can creep into manifestation, and what that fear really means

  • How being open to new and different experiences brings more awareness of what’s possible for you

  • How people regularly block their own manifestation

  • Understanding that manifestation takes time and energy and action

Resources mentioned:

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