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Episode 125: Good, Evil & Anger


My friend Alison is back once again to interview me, and today, we’re talking about good, evil, and anger.

There’s a lot happening in the world right now. It can feel overwhelming and scary, but the reality is, everything happening right now is necessary. Everything we’re dealing with that makes us angry can be a catalyst to move toward something better, because that’s how anger works.

Anger in itself isn’t good or bad – it’s the thing that motivates us to action. And as each of us have good and evil within our being, we get to decide whether we channel our anger into positive actions or negative ones.

Today, I’m reminding you to feel your anger. Embrace your anger. And then decide how you’re going to use that anger to show up in the world. Use this as an opportunity to get to know yourself and ground yourself for these moments of upheaval we’re all experiencing.

  • How good and evil lives inside of all of us

  • How we get to choose the actions we take

  • Why we need anger and why it’s the catalyst for change in the world

  • Why the world wants to shut down people who show too much anger

  • Why we have to sort through good and evil and emotion and anger to receive empowerment and self-knowledge

  • Why we need the negative to usher in positive change

  • Why those who have given in to hate and evil in the world eventually destroy themselves

  • How the world is in a state of restructuring

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