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Episode 126: 3D vs 5D Reality & Life

We’re continuing this series on mind and body connection, and today, my friend Alison is interviewing me about energy.

Emotional issues manifest as physical issues in the body. Our emotions serve as a check engine light. That’s why it’s so important to be able to connect with our energy—so that we can anticipate the physical effects and make changes that bring us closer to our higher selves.

There is an immense connection between our physical bodies and our emotions, and it’s just not being talked about enough. And in this episode, we’re bringing it to light. I want you to consider how your physical human body is connected to your energy, source, higher self—whatever you want to call it—and how you can better connect to the 5D aspects of your emotional and energetic self.

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What you’ll find in this episode:

How our connection to source weaves into our human lives

How we use our 3D senses (touch, sight, etc.) to experience energy (both positive and negative)

How taking care of ourselves emotionally relates to physical and mental illnesses

How your spirit presents physical ailments as a way to wake you up to becoming aligned with your true self

How to tap into (and check out of, when necessary) your energy and emotions, and why listening to your body is important

Approaching 5D reality through checking into our higher self energy by way of our 3D bodies

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