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Episode 13: Alison Maguire, Getting in touch with Spirituality

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Episode 13: Alison Maguire, Getting in touch with Spirituality

I had a conversation with one of my clients on the podcast and I am thrilled to be sharing it with you. In this episode, I talked with realtor and entrepreneur, Alison Maguire.

Alison is someone who had her spiritually blossom from the pain and trials she endured in life. Like so many women, she had hit a breaking point that made her realize it’s either them (kids, husband, employees and clients) or me.

That’s what eventually led Alison and I to each other. Alison has a story that I know so many people can resonate with and that’s why I had to have her on the podcast. We explored how life is kind of like laundry (never quite done) and something we have to tend to often. We also chat about her connections with her spirit guides, how her spirituality has helped her gain ease and clarity and so much more.

What you’ll find in this episode:

What Alison does for her career

Where her spiritual journey came about

Her spiritual background growing up

How having these tools has helped her recognize the future with more ease

Why you should focus on getting in your flow

How Alison uses spirit guides

The loneliness of being a female entrepreneur

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