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Episode 131: The Importance of Being Human

Alison is back and today we’re diving deep, like really deep, into humanity and why the hell it even matters that we’re human. What’s our purpose on this earth and why do we have physical bodies?

In this episode, we talk about spirits, human bodies, karma, astrology, isolation, and so much more, and how it all pertains to being human and why we’re all here.

As a society, we’ve gotten away from feeling grounded in our bodies and nature and it shows. More importantly, we have to remember that no one is better than anyone else. We’re all one, we’re all living in our physical bodies, and life as we know it, our values, our money - it’s all going to change in the near future.

What you’ll find in this episode:

  • The concept of being a spirit in a human body and how karma/ reincarnation plays into our suffering on earth

  • The importance of astrology and human design as an energy map for your lifetime

  • Why we need to get back to being one with each other and leave behind the sense of “betterness” we have toward others

  • Why meditating all the time isn’t the answer and we need to be more grounded in our physical bodies

  • How having fun and being free embodies the spirit of the human and we have to get back to that in our society

  • Why the rising popularity of AI and ChatGPT makes sense and what it means for humanity

  • Why isolation is not sustainable

Resources mentioned:

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