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Episode 132: Does Being Authentic Matter?

Alison is joining me again today and she had a dream that led to today’s topic: authenticity and being true to ourselves. What does it mean to live an authentic life?

In this episode, we talk about embracing our whole true selves, about recognizing the judgments from other people that hold us back, and how true happiness only comes when you no longer try to cram yourself into a tiny box.

So much of authenticity is based on the self, but we somehow focus who we are on other people and their expectations. By doing so, they keep us static in life and we have to learn to let them go to find out who we really are.

What you’ll find in this episode:

  • Alison had a dream that led to today’s topic, so we talk about why we have dreams and premonitions and experience déjà vu

  • People lie and are inauthentic because they feel like they’re not enough on their own and it can lead to feelings of depression and anxiety

  • Your authentic self is always evolving and why it helps to move away from your childhood home or the expectations of others that we remain static

  • How magical it is to break out of the box and fully embrace all the parts of yourself

  • Why we use other people as mirrors instead of ourselves because we’re so afraid of their reactions and feedback

  • Being your whole true self is the inspiration other people are waiting for to do the same

  • Everything that we judge in other people is what we judge in ourselves

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