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Episode 14: Stephen Kramer Glickman

Listen HERE!

If you’re ready for a life-changing episode then you’ll want to hear this conversation I had with Stephen Kramer Glickman. You might recognize Stephen as he is someone who has gained quite the following online on TikTok and Instagram. Not only that, Stephen is a comedian, philanthropist, podcaster, actor and now a musician too.

In this episode, we talk about how confidence is way underrated in today’s society. We talk about showing up, stepping out of your “lane” to do whatever you want and how people often sell themselves short.

Stephen shares so much in this episode into his personal life including his charity work, how therapy has helped him to become a better person and why self-love is critical for our lives.

Trigger warning: In this episode, we touch on the topic of suicide.

What’s in this episode:

His experience with doing charity events for kids

How he took his idea for merch and blew it up

His thoughts on the year 2020

Stephen’s feelings about therapy and how it has helped him

How he got into music through going live on TikTok

Why he ended up deciding to do a music album

Stephen’s podcast and his experience with hosting it

The realizations he’s had about suicide and self-love

How you’re free to step out of your lane

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