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Episode 143: My Normal Addiction of Alcohol


Today, we're diving into a deeply personal and transformative journey as we explore the complexities of our relationship with alcohol. I’m sharing my experiences, challenges, and triumphs in navigating a path towards a healthier and more fulfilling life. Join me as I discuss shedding old habits, embracing positive changes, and gaining insights from the book "Quit Like A Woman" by Holly Whitaker.

Episode Highlights:

1. Recognizing a Toxic Relationship with Alcohol:

  • I share my honest reflection on how my relationship with alcohol started and has evolved

  • The negative consequences and impacts that this relationship had on different aspects of my life.

2. Embracing Healthy Changes:

  • I open up about the turning point that motivated them to take control and make healthier choices.

  • The positive changes I’ve incorporated, including prioritizing walking, working out, eating nourishing foods, and staying hydrated.

3. Navigating Social Situations:

  • Discussing the challenges of being around friends and people who still consume alcohol while pursuing a sober lifestyle.

  • Exploring strategies to stay committed to your journey without feeling isolated in social settings.

4. The Struggle in Downtime:

  • I delve into the discomfort and triggers associated with downtime, where the urge to consume alcohol tends to resurface.

  • Strategies and coping mechanisms for replacing old habits with healthier alternatives during these moments.

5. Insights from "Quit Like A Woman" by Holly Whitaker:

  • An in-depth look at the book's exploration of the marketing tactics used by the alcohol industry and how they specifically target women.

  • My key takeaways from the book and how it has helped reshape my perspective on alcohol.

6. Empowering the Journey:

  • The importance of self-compassion and celebrating every small victory in the journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

  • Encouraging listeners to find strength in their own stories and make positive changes that align with their well-being.

Episode Referenced: Even Cutworth Knows How to Party

Book referenced: Quit Like A Woman by Holly Whitaker

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