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Episode 17: Navigating Life Post-Incarceration with Alyson McNair

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I have another great guest on the podcast to chat all about her non-profit, Perfect Inc., which empowers formerly incarcerated women to achieve career success. Perfect Inc. founder Alyson McNair joined me to chat about the prison system and how her non-profit seeks to help women who are formerly incarcerated as they enter back into the real world.

Alison and I chat about the different methods, tools and training programs her non-profit offers. We also talk about the prison system and some of the misconceptions that formerly incarcerated people have to navigate as they exit the system.

You’ll learn about how you can get involved in her non-profit and what shes currently working on including her upcoming fundraiser for Women’s History Month.

What’s in this episode:

  • What one needs to do when released from incarceration

  • What her non-profit does to help formerly incarcerated people and the challenges they face

  • How her partnership with Microsoft came about

  • The conflict-resolution and lifestyle training offered by her non-profit

  • Why it’s important to help other people

  • The problems with the prison system

  • How anyone can find themselves in prison

  • What Alyson saw missing from the system

  • How corporate sponsors and partners can work with her non-profit

  • The goals of her March fundraiser

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