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Episode 18: After November with Milagros Brown

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One of the only ways we can evolve and move forward as a country is to have inclusion and equity in every area and industry. In this episode, I had on Milagros Brown. Milagros is a political campaign and strategic fundraising expert and most recently, the founder of After November, an organization focused on providing tools to support consistent work beyond elections to make an impact for systemic change.

She shares her journey in the political sector and what she’s learned from being in political fundraising. Milargros and I talk about the importance of productive conversations around race and equity for people of all races and backgrounds and why this topic is of the utmost importance for white people to be having.

We touch on the topic of white privilege and the need for systemic changes in our world. We also talk about how we can get more of the Black community involved in the political landscape and how we can all do our part to set them up for success in office.

What’s in this episode:

  • What brought Milagros to this entrepreneurial endeavor

  • How her involvement in politics has changed based on her values

  • What stood out to her when she was in political fundraising

  • Human rights issues that are politicized

  • How to have productive conversations around race and equity

  • Why there needs to be a change in our world

  • Why white people need to acknowledge that white privilege exists and benefits them

  • Her tips on how we can set up the Black community for success in political office

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