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Episode 19: The Problem with Our History Books with Dr. Zabina Bhasin

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Have you ever thought about the fact that we have months dedicated to history? Women’s History Month and Black History Month are examples. But why isn’t their history already included in the textbooks?

This is one of the topics discussed in this episode with Dr. Zabina Bhasin. Zabina is a diversity and inclusion expert who founded In KidZ, a subscription box service dedicated to cultural learning. We chat about her founding this company and what it means to her.

We discuss why it’s imperative to teach kids to have these inclusive values at a young age. She also talks about how her company is on a mission to partner with schools and teachers and the importance of everyone working together to make progress and real change.

What’s in this episode:

  • How South Asian is a more precise description versus saying Indian.

  • Zabina’s experience of growing up a first-generation immigrant

  • What she learned from going to university in India

  • Why inclusivity and values are important to teach to kids

  • What her subscription company is and what they do

  • How they’re working to partner with schools and teachers

  • Why history needs to be taught in a more inclusive way

  • How we have to all work together to make a change

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