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Episode 21: Guided by the Golden Rule with Rachel Wade

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Progress can’t happen if we aren’t putting in the work and taking action to make a change. In this episode, I was joined by Rachel Wade. Rachel is the brilliant woman behind Guided By the Golden Rule. I first discovered Rachel when I read her Scary Mommy article earlier this year.

In this episode, I had the pleasure of talking to her about how we can teach our white children about race. We talk about why this is necessary and how you can infuse black stories into your child’s life early on.

We also get into what sparked this for her after an incident that occurred with her own child. Rachel shares her advice on the importance of apologies especially in instances when ignorance is at play and why this needs to be an effort on everyone’s part to make bigger societal change.

What’s in this episode:

  • The rebirth process I went through to step into my new self

  • Why Rachel believes in sharing her experiences

  • Rachel’s reasoning behind starting this dialogue about race

  • How a conversation with a friend sparked her article for Scary Mommy

  • Why you need to teach your white children about race

  • How to expose your white children to black stories

  • Why you have to apologize even if you didn’t know it was inappropriate

  • Why everyone making incremental, positive changes is needed

Listen HERE

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