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Episode 22: Growing up Biracial with Sarah

I’m very excited to be sharing this conversation I had today with Sarah. Sarah is an audiologist who shares her unique experience as a biracial woman of being able to see her life’s experience from both a black and white perspective.

Sarah talks about growing up in a community that was predominately white and how being immersed in white culture affected her. She shares the challenges she faced growing up as a black child and the things she experienced in her community.

We also chat about the need for safety nets in underserved neighborhoods, the realizations she had about inequality and segregation and how white people can raise their kids to be allies for the black community (and other communities of color).

What’s in this episode:

  • Her experience as a biracial child

  • Comments and concerns people had about her being biracial

  • Challenges she faced growing up as a black child

  • How she was impacted by being immersed in white culture

  • Realizations she had in college about segregation and inequalities

  • The lack of safety nets in underserved neighborhoods

  • Why it’s a white person’s job to raise their kids to be allies for non-white people

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