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Episode 23: Dear White Women with Sara Blanchard & Misasha Suzuki Graham

Let’s be real, there’s a lot of learning and unlearning that needs to happen for white people, especially white women. In this episode, I was joined by Sara Blanchard and Misasha Suzuki Graham, the podcast hosts and founders of Dear White Women.

Sara and Misasha drop so many valuable gems in this episode about dismantling white supremacy through teaching kids about the history of the n-word and having those tough conversations with your kids about why this word is unacceptable.

We also get into fears they have as biracial women with biracial children and the recent displays of hate towards the Asian community, why everyone needs to be more critical of the news they consume and the importance of remembering each other’s humanity. They covered so much more so be sure to listen and flag this episode because you’ll definitely want to reference back to this one.

What’s in this episode:

  • Why people who aren’t black can’t use the n-word

  • How to have conversations with your children about the n-word

  • The fears that parents of black children have (and other children of color)

  • Why women should identify with womanhood before their race

  • How to stand up for others and yourselves

  • Why you have to be critical about the media you consume

  • Why you have to remember the humanity of others

  • How to change your behavior patterns and support minority-owned businesses and brands

  • The identity struggles that Asians go through

  • Why you should seek time affluence over money affluence

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