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Episode 25: Corporate Racism with Shameka Allen-Lane


Racism is so heavily rooted in America that it touches nearly every aspect of people’s daily lives. As you’ll hear from guest Shameka Allen-Lane, it even happens in the workplace.

In this episode, I spoke with Shameka, the founder of Catalyst Event Coaching, a company that empowers nonprofits and small businesses to execute their event planning needs by providing them with tailored solutions. She shares her experience as a Black woman working in America and dealing with racism in the workplace.

We chat about how the Black experience is in this country versus other countries around the world. She also talks about the generational trauma that the Black community faces, what code switching is and how it affects people.

What’s in this episode:

  • What Shameka does within her business, Catalyst Event Coaching

  • Why she got into the hospitality and events industry

  • Her experience as a pastor’s grandchild

  • How the white and black experience is different in America vs. other countries

  • The black experience and how black people are affected by generational trauma

  • Shameka’s encounter with racism in the workplace

  • The reality of corporate racism

  • The truth behind code switching and how it affects people

Links mentioned:

Catalyst Event Coaching

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