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Episode 26: "Why I hid my pregnancy" with Paloma Lopes

You always know what’s best for you. Have you ever had a gut feeling about something? In this episode, I was joined by an incredible guest, Paloma Lopes.

Paloma shares her experience of getting pregnant during covid while working from home and why she decided to keep that a secret. We talk about a lot of the stigmas of motherhood and being a mom in the workplace.

She shares her fascinating insights on why she chose to keep motherhood and her work life separate. We also dive into what moms go through and the pressure that society places on moms at large.

What’s in this episode:

  • Paloma’s experience working in HR and keeping her pregnancy a secret during COVID

  • The stigma of motherhood and why she didn’t want to give into it at first

  • What she did for her maternity leave

  • How moms get more pressure than dads in parenthood

  • Cultural differences of maternity leave

  • How Paloma made her decision to follow her own path as a working mom

  • Why she wants to keep her motherhood separate from work

  • Her process for blocking out the extra noise

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