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Episode 28: On Brand with Ari


Are you creating a brand that people can connect with? You know that feeling you get when you really resonate with a brand, their values and what they offer? Well, that’s exactly what we’re chatting about in this episode with Ari, brand strategist and founder of Chykalophia. Ari shares the story of her business and what brought her from Bali to Chicago. She talks about turning a brand into a story and gives her practical advice on branding. You’ll also get a look into her journey with grief, ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage and how this affected her personally.

What’s in this episode:

  • What brought her from Bali to Chicago

  • How people-pleasing comes back to haunt us

  • How she created her company and the personal attachment it has to her

  • Her tips for turning a brand into a story

  • How she helps business owners with their branding

  • Her story about miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy

  • Ari’s wakeup call for her personal life and business

  • Positive things that have come out of the pandemic

Links mentioned:


From Individual to Empire: A Guide to Building an Authentic and Powerful Brand


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