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Episode 31: All Things Glam with Natalie Mills


Do you have a strong why behind what you do? In this episode, I was joined by Natalie Mills, a jewelry and accessory apparel company that believes in transforming the lives of women through economic growth, social transformation and political stability. In this episode, we talk about mentorship, the important why behind her brand and why you should focus on finding your passion. She also shares her idea behind creating her iconic bling face masks that are wildly popular by being receptive to the market and paying attention.

What’s in this episode:

  • Natalie’s story of getting started in the jewelry and accessory space

  • Why having mentors is important

  • Her advice around not “wasting your time”

  • Why you shouldn’t be a placeholder

  • Her thoughts on accessibility and affordability

  • The mission behind her brand

  • Her iconic bling face mask

  • How she incorporates her why into her business

  • How your purpose can find you

  • Why you should be realistic in comparisons

  • How to be more receptive to the market

  • Her brand ambassador program

Links mentioned:

Natalie Mills

Fashion Face Masks

Love & Fit



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