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Episode 32: Certify YOUR Company with Heather Cox


If you run a business, you definitely need to hear this episode. My guest, Heather Cox, founder of Certify My Company, assists and coaches diverse owned businesses get 3rd party diversity certified. These certifications in turn open doors to big opportunities. In this episode, Heather and I chat about the numerous ways certification can help grow your business, the shift in branding that’s focused on storytelling and why we as consumers should focus on aligning our values with our dollars.

What’s in this episode:

  • How Heather got into the business of certifications

  • Some of the reasons people are denied for certifications

  • How getting certified supports your business

  • The importance of aligning your values with your dollars

  • The shift of branding being centered around storytelling

  • How certifications can open up doors for you

  • What she can do to help people get certified

  • The reason why you want to know who owns and operates a business

Links mentioned:

Certify My Company


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