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Episode 33: Get on Stage with Mad-Man Inc & Adriana Madrigal

In this episode, I talked to someone who is super inspiring to me, Adriana Madrigal. Adriana is the founder of Mad-Man Inc., a company of artists, producers, designers and editors who drive ideas from inception to creation. Adriana has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry and her story is so encouraging for anyone who has a big dream that they are going after. Adriana shares where her self-confidence came from, how she overcame imposter syndrome especially as a parent and what her days look like as an entrepreneur and mother of two.

What’s in this episode:

  • How Adriana got started in the music and production industry

  • How a certification program opened the doors for her

  • Her experience of being mentored by an experienced professional

  • Where Adriana’s belief in herself comes from

  • How she’s navigated imposter syndrome

  • What her days look like as an entrepreneur and mom

  • How the shows come together behind the scenes

  • Her first concert and how this shaped her future

  • Shows she’s looking forward to as we come out of the COVID

  • What show she was most excited to work on

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