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In this episode, I brought on someone whom I have a bit in common with and that’s because we both married Rich. I sat down for a conversation with my ex-husband’s wife and my co-parenting teammate, Allison.

This episode is the first in a series on the podcast about how we both married Rich. We’re going to be detailing our experience of co-parenting together. In this initial episode, we talk about the sacrifices and challenges of co-parenting, why we don’t use the term “step-children” or “step-parent”, our family dynamic and so much more.

What’s in this episode:

  • Our story of how we’ve known each other and our co-parenting journey

  • How she got to know Rich and their love story

  • Their families tight-knit bond with each other

  • The communication barriers from co-parenting

  • How we always put the bubble ahead of everything

  • The difficulty and sacrifice of co-parenting

  • Why we use the term “bonus” instead of “step”



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