Think your ex-spouse’s wedding day might be a little awkward for you? It doesn’t HAVE to be. In this episode, Allison and I are back to discuss our respective wedding days to our husbands and how we showed up to support each other (and our kids did too).

You’ll hear why it’s essential to step up when you’re a bonus parent. We also dive into long-distanced parenting and the positives of that living situation plus the challenges we encounter too. We also give our best advice for navigating holidays, birthdays, differences in family life and of course, how to handle your ex-spouse’s new love interest.

What’s in this episode:

  • The stories of our weddings and moving forward as a family

  • Why having a mentor can be super helpful

  • How you have to step up as a bonus parent

  • The difficulty of having long-distanced families

  • How having a long-distanced family had its positives too

  • How we navigate holidays, birthdays and more as blended families

  • Our advice for how to handle your ex-spouse’s new partner

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