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Episode 37: Skylar Dishes on Being a Daughter of Divorce


How do kids really feel about divorce? In this episode, my daughter Skylar is dishing on her experience as a child of divorce and living among two blended families.

You’ll hear her advice on how parents can make the transition simpler for their children. She also talks about the pressure that kids have put on them when parents refuse to communicate and she even rates how we did as divorced parents. We also touch on the topic of “emotional incest” which tends to come up a lot in families of divorce.

What’s in this episode:

  • Her first memories of visitations between divorced parents

  • Skylar’s advice on how we as parents could’ve made that transition simpler

  • The dynamics of navigating divorce situations

  • The pressure on kids when having to communicate FOR their parents

  • Skylar’s thoughts on how they did as divorced parents

  • Why you should avoid “emotional incest”

  • How to make everyone feel supported in blended families

  • Why schedules and routines are important for children

Links mentioned:

Skylar’s Instagram

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