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Episode 41: Inspiro Tequila Comes Clean & Neat, with Mara Smith

Who doesn’t love a clean, gluten-free, additive-free drink? Did I also mention that it’s a woman-owned and operated tequila company? In this episode, I had a conversation with Mara Smith, founder of Inspiro Tequila.

Mara and I discuss her life experience and how this led to her starting her own tequila brand. She shares the process of creating her Luna Blanco tequila and what her loved ones thought when she decided to start this company. We chat about her time management and how she juggles being an entrepreneur, mother and wife.

What’s in this episode:

  • How Mara got into the tequila business

  • How she used her experience, being a mother, and curiosity as leverage for business

  • The process of being considered “100% agave tequila”

  • How her friends and family reacted to her idea of starting a tequila company

  • Her time management routine and how she runs her day

  • Her first product, the Luna Blanco

  • The upcoming products she is planning

  • How you have the power to define who we want to become

  • The lack of woman-owned and operated tequila brands

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