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Episode 44: Sonni Abatta: WE GOTTA TALK!


There is always MORE to the story! That’s one thing that we have to keep in mind as we watch the ever-changing news cycle that is constantly spitting out new stories. Sonni Abatta is a 15-year veteran of the TV news industry and a diehard oversharer. In this episode, Sonni and I talk about the dangers of a reactive press, her career in TV news and why you need to expose yourself to news from all sources. You’ll hear about why it's important to connect with people beyond your circle and our thoughts on how to address some of the most challenging conversations with your kids.

What’s in this episode:

  • Why she started her podcast, We Gotta Talk

  • How there is always more to the story

  • Why you need to connect with and understand people beyond your reality

  • The importance of connecting with who you are and your spirituality

  • How Sonni got into TV news

  • The spiritual hibernation we’re collectively going through

  • The dangers of a reactive press

  • Sonni’s upcoming interviews she’s looking forward to

  • How to address difficult conversations with kids

  • The most memorable stories she’s covered in her career

Links mentioned:

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