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Episode 47: Brianna Carter: Anorexia to Control


**Trigger warning**: This episode touches on the topics of eating disorders such as anorexia and physical, mental and emotional abuse.

Ever thought about what it might feel like to confront your abuser? In this episode, I had a conversation with Brianna Carter of Mama Knows Nada, a blog she started after her unexpected bundle of joy came into her life and she wanted to share all of the real, raw truths of motherhood. Brianna and I chat about her struggle with anorexia and how she finally overcame it. She also uncovers trauma from her childhood and how she ended up confronting her mom about it. You’ll hear about why self-care isn’t selfish in motherhood and why you need to go after your dreams!

What’s in this episode:

  • How we’re all just figuring it out day by day

  • How Brianna’s weight struggles came about

  • Why you need to audit your coping mechanisms

  • Brianna’s realization that she didn’t need that much control over her body

  • How her mom reacted to her confrontation

  • The transformation she had after her conversation about her traumatic childhood

  • How she struggled with her un-traditional goals for her life

  • Why you can’t ignore your dreams

  • How it’s not selfish to take care of yourself

  • Why you might need a break as a mom

Links mentioned:

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Mama Knows Nada Facebook

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