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Episode 48: Renee was Sold for Sex by her dad.

**Trigger warning**: This episode contains content describing child abuse, both physical and mental, emotional and sexual. If this is not in line with something that you want to or are able to listen to today, I strenuously suggest that you do not listen to this episode.

Today’s episode is a powerful one. I’m joined by Renee who is sharing her story of abuse, being trafficked, and her journey to healing. She shares her story in detail and the aftermath of the abuse she suffered from her father. Renee discusses what her healing journey has been like and how it has led her to share her story and help others who are experiencing similar forms of abuse. This is not an easy episode to listen to but an important one and I’m so honored to be able to share this platform with Renee.

What’s in this episode:

  • Renee’s story of abuse and how she was trafficked by her father

  • How her story unfolded in a normal suburban area

  • Her father’s trial and how it affected her

  • How she began her healing journey

  • Why it’s important to let yourself feel your emotions when healing

  • Why Renee feels it’s important to share her story

  • How Renee is helping others

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