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Episode 49: A Secret that Almost Killed her, with Melissa

**Trigger warning**: This episode contains content describing child abuse, both physical and mental, emotional and sexual. If this is not in line with something that you want to or are able to listen to today, I strenuously suggest that you do not listen to this episode.


What are some of the red flags you need to look out for in the adults who are around your kids? In today’s episode, Melissa is sharing her story of abuse at the hands of a family friend. She shares the grooming that took place and why she kept her abuse a secret. This is such a powerful episode about how to keep your children safe and how you should speak and support someone who has experienced abuse. Melissa even shares how her trauma began to affect her physically and impacted her health.

What’s in this episode:

  • Melissa’s story of abuse and grooming at the hands of a family friend

  • Some of the red flags to look for in adults around your children

  • How her abuser’s threats against her family caused her to hide what was happening

  • The best way to talk to or support someone who has been abused

  • The difference between curiosity and concern

  • Why it’s an honor when someone shares their story with you

  • Some of the physical pain Melissa dealt with during her abuse

  • How her trauma has affected her life and her health

Links mentioned:

Melissa’s TikTok

Melissa’s Instagram

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