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Episode 51: Escape from Abuse with Orsika

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**Trigger warning**: This episode contains content describing domestic abuse and violence. If this is not in line with something that you want to or are able to listen to today, I strenuously suggest that you do not listen to this episode.

After escaping from an abusive relationship, you can feel like you are in quicksand, trying to stop sinking. Enter Orsika Julia. On today’s episode, she shares her own experience of domestic abuse, how she left and began her healing journey. She shares some of the tendencies and red flags she witnessed, what a love bombing is and why you need time to heal before beginning another relationship. If you are listening to this and are in a similar situation, my hope is that this episode opens the door for you to find a way out of the quicksand.

What’s in this episode:

  • Orsika’s experience with abuse and domestic violence

  • How the way a person treats their family is related to abusive tendencies

  • What a love bombing is

  • Mindset shifts and how they help with healing

  • The red flags Orsika ignored in her marriage

  • Why you need time to heal after an abusive relationship

  • How she left her situation and began healing

  • Dealing with the triggers that e

xist after abuse

  • The work that Orsika does now

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Orsika’s Instagram

Orsika on LinkedIn

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