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Episode 52: Kisha's Legacy is LIFE!

**Trigger warning**: This episode contains content describing child abuse—physical, emotional, and sexual. If this is not in line with something that you want to or are able to listen to today, I strongly suggest that you do not listen to this episode.

Childhood abuse lives with you forever. You are a victim and a survivor for the rest of your life. How do you take charge of your healing journey? In today’s episode, I have the pleasure to chat with Kisha Edmunds who shares how her stepfather sexually assaulted her from ages 5-12, and how she was able to prosecute him 20+ years later. And win. She details behaviors and actions she used to protect herself as a child, how she finally disconnected herself from the core of her trauma, and how she prioritizes her healing as both a woman and a mother.

You won’t regret following her story. Her social media platforms, Kisha’s Legacy, are a place for her to share her very personal experience and engage with other trauma survivors. It is a way to put her pain to purpose. If you are listening to this and have ever found yourself a victim of abuse, whether recently or 20+ years ago, I hope this episode encourages you to seek help and put your healing first.

What’s in this episode:

  • Kisha’s experience with childhood sexual abuse

  • How gaslighting plays a factor in abusive relationships

  • How being a person of color influenced her situation

  • Why it’s important to listen to children and take their voices seriously

  • How to recognize triggers and learn to respond to them

  • Resources for trauma and abuse victims

  • Why it’s important to prioritize your healing

  • How to disconnect from your trauma

  • What true self-care looks like

  • Kisha’s social media presence and how she aims to help others heal

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