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Episode 70: Remothering Yourself

Have you ever thought of how vital it is to get what you need from yourself instead of trying to get other people—your parents, your colleagues, your spouse—to give you praise, validity, acceptance? Have you learned to accept yourself and truly be your own person?

Today, I’m chatting with my daughter Skylar about the concept of remothering, or reparenting. It’s an empowering feeling to take the pressure off your childhood, to take your parents off a pedestal, and to realize that looking within is what truly allows you to feel good about yourself. The acceptance you’re looking for? It should come from you. With this practice, you can be your most authentic self without needing validation from others. And, let me tell you, it’s a game changer.

What’s in this episode:

  • How remothering (or reparenting) yourself is a form of self-empowerment

  • How to heal if you weren’t given the parenting you wanted/needed

  • Why you need to be finished holding your parents accountable

  • The importance of going within to seek feedback and support from yourself

  • Helping your kids to not look to their parents for self-esteem or to feel good about themselves

  • How different generational ideas of success can cause a disconnect

  • How being your own person positive affects all of your relationships

  • Why you shouldn’t base your existence on the desire to be accepted by others

  • How to be a supportive parent without making your kids dependent on your support

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