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Episode 73: Your Soul Self Doesn't Care That You're Alive...or Not


This may come as a shock but your spiritual being, your soul self, doesn’t care that you’re alive. We’re all on a journey in our lifetimes and it’s up to you to see it that way. Everything that happens to you: the good, the bad, the mundane, it’s all here to serve a greater purpose for you and those around you.

This episode will help you to reflect on the past, enjoy the present moment and not feel so uptight about the future. We have so much power to choose light and love so I want to encourage you to intentionally make that choice. In this episode, you’ll hear more about the journey that your soul pre-determined and signed up for plus how to get out of your own way and enjoy this life that you’re living.

What’s in this episode:

  • What I’ve learned about your soul self

  • The souls of aborted, stillbirth and miscarried children

  • How everything that happens to you is for a purpose

  • The divine pre-planned perfection of this lifetime

  • Why you have to get out of your own way

  • What to do when you see something that frustrates you

  • Why you need to worry about yourself and not others

  • How the storm is a reflection of us

  • How we all fall short sometimes

  • What righteous judgment is

  • The two choices we have: love vs. lack of love

  • How you’ve already won

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