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Episode 74: Travel and Wake up to LIFE!


The best way to experience truly life-changing moments and understand more about yourself and the world is to travel. A beach vacation is one thing. But an adventure in a new country, discovering how other people live, the beauty and excitement that comes with experiencing a completely different culture—that is the kind of travel that is soul-nourishing, that lights you up, that gets you thinking differently.

In this episode, I’m sharing my own personal travel experiences and the profound ways that travel changes your life. For Americans, international travel is often posed as “dangerous,” with the media giving fear-based news stories that keep people thinking that the world is full of unrest. The reality is that there is unrest everywhere, including here at home. Don’t let fear keep you from connecting with people who live differently than you.

Travel is the only way to truly make a connection to other humans in a way that makes us more empathetic and understanding of the human condition. It allows you to experience life to its fullest.

What’s in this episode:

  • Meredyth’s upcoming spiritual retreat in Costa Rica

  • Why she likes to discover when she travels (no boring beach vacations here)

  • Why traveling lights up your soul

  • How traveling profoundly changes the way you look at the world and how people live their lives

  • A story of her travels in India and how experiencing other cultures keeps you humble

  • How Americans are apathetic about poor people in this country and why that needs to change

  • The importance of connecting with a different way of life, of interacting with the planet, of community

  • How Americans—especially the media—are fear-based about traveling to other countries

  • How international travel can open people’s eyes to the struggles that exist at home in the US

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