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Episode 90: Getting Trippy with Lauren Nikohl


Welcome to the third episode in the Costa Rica Creators Series, featuring my fellow TikTok creators that I met at a life-changing retreat in Costa Rica.

Psychedelics tend to have a negative connotation in people’s minds. You might think of it as a “hard drug” or just be generally opposed to it because you don’t understand it. Psychedelics are also known as plant medicine, and they’re a useful tool for uncovering shadows and connecting to your higher self.

In today’s episode in my new series, I’m talking with my friend Lauren Nikohl, a multidimensional singer/songwriter, producer, and DJ. She’s sharing her experience with plant medicine and how it can help you improve your overall well-being, expand your consciousness, and open you up to the joys of life.

This conversation is a way to dispel myths about psychedelics and provide you with an understanding of plant medicine’s healing properties. If you are open to the experience and ready to safely try plant medicine, be sure to check out Lauren’s new book, Psychedelic Guide & Integration Journal. This guide and journal will help you to intentionally explore and heal with plant medicine.

What’s in this episode:

  • Lauren’s new book and how it can help you fully experience the benefits plant medicine

  • Lauren’s perspective of psychedelics growing up and what her first experience was like

  • How plant medicine can help you open up to the joys of life

  • The intentions and consequences of taking plant medicine and how they’re different from taking “hard drugs”

  • Lauren’s advice for someone wanting to experience plant medicine for the first time

  • What microdosing is, how it works, and how it can be helpful for mental health issues

  • Lauren’s as experience as a DJ and what she loves about it

  • The importance of honoring what you want to do

Links mentioned:

Lauren’s Psychedelic Guide & Integration Journal

Lauren’s website (find her music here!)

Follow Lauren on Instagram

Follow Lauren on TikTok

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