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Episode 92: Ayahuasca with Alyssa LeBlanc


Welcome to the fifth episode in the Costa Rica Creators Series, featuring my fellow TikTok creators that I met at a life-changing retreat in Costa Rica.

There is a lot of misinformation out there in the world on the topic of psychedelics and plant medicine. We were told growing up that if we took them, it would inevitably ruin our lives. However, they actually help us check in with ourselves on a deeper, more impactful level.

In this week’s episode of Meredyth with a Why, I sat down with my dear friend Alyssa LeBlanc to talk about psychedelics, mental health, Human Design, and the transformative healing she experienced with Ayahuasca.

Alyssa struggled with severe depression and experienced suicidal thoughts throughout her life and tried everything to make them go away. She partied, she took medications, psychiatry, therapy, meditation, and so much more but nothing took away the darkness inside of her. She stumbled upon Ayahuasca and within one ceremony, the darkness was gone. Alyssa now feels a lightness and connectedness instead of the darkness of her depression.

According to Alyssa, Ayahuasca calls to you when you’re ready. For some people, the changes that come from these ceremonies can be felt quickly. After numerous ceremonies, your life will be changed. Instead of checking out of your problems like you do with alcohol, you’ll be able to check in with yourself and experience a new level of healing.

What’s in this episode:

  • What Alyssa went through when she was struggling with her mental health

  • Alyssa’s Ayahuasca journey

  • What an Ayahuasca ceremony feels like

  • How plant medicine and psychedelics help you check in and be more present with yourself

  • The world is changing drastically and plant medicine is going to become more prevalent

  • The effects alcohol has on your body

  • How to find an Ayahuasca ceremony

  • What integration is when it comes to ayahuasca ceremonies

  • The importance of monitoring your vibration

  • Why you can’t keep yourself small because of comfort

  • How Human Design impacts your life

  • How you can hear more from Alyssa

Links mentioned:

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Follow Alyssa on Instagram

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