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Episode 95: Madi Maple Knows Confidence

Welcome to the eighth and final episode in the Costa Rica Creators Series, featuring my fellow TikTok creators that I met at a life-changing retreat in Costa Rica.

Madi Maple is a confidence coach, a raver, and she’s unapologetically herself. After growing up feeling different and like an outsider in her own religious community, Madi hit a point where she was desperate to make a change. Going to her very first rave gave her a sense of peace and of being home that she’d never felt before. Despite all her time in the LDS church, her experience with raving still felt uniquely and profoundly spiritual.

Madi’s experience with raving has allowed her to embrace her own unique way of self-expression free from judgment and negativity. She finally found a place that she felt she belonged. Stepping into her real self finally allowed Madi to embrace her own confidence.

Now, she takes all that she’s learned stepping into her own confidence and her own personality and helps her clients do the same through her own lived experience.

Getting closer to your true self can completely transform your life, just like it did for Madi. Finally being able to express yourself without guilt and judgment is one of the most freeing experiences and something that every single one of us deserves. Tune in today as I talk to Madi about her journey of personal discovery (because it’s a constant process) and the lightness and joy that we can all find in this process for ourselves.

What’s in this episode:

Madi’s experience growing up in the LDS Church

Why growing up feeling “wrong” in your community is so damaging

How healing unfolds like an onion (layer by layer)

How Madi is consistently building her own confidence

How going to her first rave gave her a sense of feeling “home”

Why stepping into your true self allows you to embrace your confidence

Why discovering who you are outside of stereotypes is key to personal growth

How stepping outside of your comfort zone allows you to discover your true self

Where you can find out more about Madi’s webinars and workshops

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