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Episode 96: Are You Feeling Stuck? Stick with Me


COVID brought a lot of changes to how we approach life and work and free time. You might be in a place where you’ve made some changes, or you might be wondering what the hell to do next. If you want to make a change, you are definitely not alone.

In today’s episode, I’m talking about what to do if you’re feeling stuck—in a job, in a city, in a marriage. Everything that happens in your life is a product of your imagination, so all you have to do is imagine yourself in a new scenario. Allow your brain and body and emotions to experience what it would feel like to move across the world, sell your house and buy an RV, quit your job and start your own business, or leave an unfilling relationship.

Inviting new experiences into your world can open you up to a whole new path. Go on a trip. Read a book. Go to a new coffee shop. Interact with different people. Something that you didn’t know was possible is now a possibility because you are open to all that the world has to offer.

Your experiences create the person you’re going to be in the future. Mistakes, wrong turns, impulses, planned decisions—it all prepares you for what’s coming. You will benefit because you will learn something, no matter the outcome.

What’s in this episode:

  • How to navigate this post-COVID moment of transition

  • The differences between fear and anxiety and excitement that come with trying something new

  • How to use your imagination to respond to different potential changes or scenarios in your life

  • How you change your frequency when you use your imagination

  • Why experiences are so important to keeping your imagination alive

  • The importance of going through the necessary steps needed achieve the life you want (in a world influenced by social media and Hollywood)

  • Why you need patience and understanding that your path is winding and takes time

  • How every experience contributes to the person you are meant to become

  • Why taking a step doing anything will help you get unstuck

  • How to dig within and ask questions about what you’re feeling in different circumstances

  • Making peace with your past to realize that it prepared you for where you are today

Resources mentioned:

Episode 93 on ecstatic dancing

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