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Episode 97: Keep Going! YOU Got This!

We live in an evolving world, where you can make money as a social media influencer or a coach or a podcaster or a travel blogger. It’s fascinating, and yet … Our society is full of people who judge others for their choices. Older generations grew up with a very specific idea of what it looks like to be an adult: go to college, get a job, get married, work until you retire. And anything that looks different from that brings out critics in droves.

In today’s episode, I’m talking about putting yourself out there and ignoring the critics. I’m sharing why you should follow your passions, how to ignore the judgment of others, and the beauty of embracing your life.

If you’re sitting on the sidelines, judging others for what they do, you’re wasting valuable time that could be spent exploring your own interests and desires. If you’re a creator or an entrepreneur, keep putting yourself out there. Everything you do leads to where you’re going. Make your life count for something that is meaningful or exciting or inspiring for you.

Don’t live your life in fear of judgment from others because that only leads to a life full of regrets. Take risks to live the life you want without worrying about what others think. It can be difficult and lonely, but it’s worth it for your long-term happiness.

What’s in this episode:

  • Everything you do leads to where you’re going

  • How it can be difficult to stay on track in a society that offers a lot of judgment

  • Going to college vs. vocational schools

  • How we think of what is a “normal, linear” way of going to school and growing a career

  • How entrepreneurs are their own marketing team

  • Why people feel the need to judge others

  • How TikTok has changed the social media game

  • Why content creation is not easy

  • People who “play it safe” and end up with regrets

  • Why you shouldn’t worry about what other people say or think about you

  • Being enamored by others instead of judging them

  • How we are conditioned to believe what we’re told when we’re young—and how to break free

  • Envisioning the life that you want

  • Putting your blinders on, not listening to others, doing what you want, and not telling anyone else

  • How parents can support their kids to do what they want to do

  • Building the life you want for the long-term

Resources mentioned:

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