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Episode 99: An Eye-Opening Trip to Ireland

I’ve done a lot of work to learn about colonization of countries with black and brown skinned people. But I hadn’t really done the work to understand the colonization of the country of my ancestors.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing about my surprise birthday trip to Ireland. It was enlightening, grounding, and spiritual in ways I didn’t expect. I’m sharing how personal it felt to be in the land of my people and learn things I didn’t know about Ireland’s colonization.

If you have the opportunity to visit one of the countries that your family is from, do it. Dive into your culture, connect with how you got here, and find the beauty in who you are.

What’s in this episode:

  • What I learned about the British colonization of Ireland

  • How the British monarchy is still in the wrong for not rectifying their past actions

  • How being an Irish descendent doesn’t have the same effect as a descendant of enslaved peoples

  • What it felt like to be in the country of my ancestors and see where I came from

Resources mentioned:

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