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Visual Caffeine with Cheale Villa


Is your branding telling the story you want to portray? In this episode, I was joined by Cheale Villa, founder of Visual Caffeine. Cheale is a marketing and branding expert and shared some valuable insight into the branding process. We talk about how to market your brand without being too salesy, the impact of micro-influencers and how having strong, authentic branding can set your business apart.

What’s in this episode:

  • How she came up with the name Visual Caffeine

  • Her strategy of marketing without a sales pitch

  • The impact of micro-influencers in marketing

  • Why you have to have your endgame in mind

  • How clients can struggle to speak up and how her company empowers people to do that

  • What the branding process looks like

  • How your branding can differentiate you from competitors

Links mentioned:

Visual Caffeine

Visual Caffeine on Instagram

Cheale on Instagram

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