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Re-Mothering Group Coaching Class

This is a 5 week Group Coaching Program with a 30 minute private one-on-one session with Meredyth.


There may have been moments throughout your life where you felt you were not loved by your mother and/or father. This could have been shown as being ignored, uneeded fearmongering, narcicism, gas lighting and/or enduring verbal, physical, emotional or spiritual abuse, or more. 


This pain, feeling of lack, or abuse, has carried with you throughout your relationships, self-worth and the way you interact with the world around you. 


This parenting, or lack of parenting, may likely be affecting the way you parent or interact in relationships, through no fault of your own, and today we can change all of it! 


This group coaching program will help you to come to terms with the fact that we were not parented in the way that we needed. We will not “beat up” our parents for what they did or didn’t do, but we will acknowledge that it took place. 


We will identify what took place, as needed, and support each other in that acknowledgment without discounting the feelings that went with the experiences. 


We will go back, as needed and recognize how the experience changed how we interacted with the wold from that point. 


We will go back to certain moments in time and redo the scenario to change the energetic, memory outcome. This will change you for the rest of your life!


We will create a new relationship between you and your parent where you are not affected by your parent(s) lack of ability to connect with you the way you have needed or need. 


We will work through how to reparent/re-mother yourself moving forward. 


We will work on how to teach people around you, namely your children (if appropriate) to parent themselves and have positive conversations with them so they do not repeat this in their lives. 


This is a 5 week group coaching program. This includes one 30 min Zoom one-on-one appointment with Meredyth Willits, Master Energy Life Coach and Emotional Release Practitioner. 


Each one-hour Zoom group coaching class will be once a week on Wednesday night, and the one-on-one will be after the 5th group zoom class, scheduled individually. 


Classes will be on Wednesday evening at 7:00 CST/8:00 EST on Zoom starting May 26, 2021


When you sign up, a Zoom invite will be created for you for the first class, May 26, 2021. Subsiquent Zoom invites will be sent for the next 4 classes and the individual one on one will be scheduled privately.


Total $420

Discounted Price $399 ***

for first offering of this Group Class


PayPal accepted. If you have a PayPal credit account, you can finance this for 0% for 6 months. Please check with your PayPal account for details.




Class Instructor: Meredyth Willits is a Master Energy Life Coach and Emotional Release Practitioner. She works with countless C-Level Executives, entrapreneurs, parents, children and 20-Somethings to help with eveything from feelings of anxiety to grief.

She works with people of all walks of life, all over the country to help change patterns and see a new way of living a more positive, happy and productive life. Meredyth can be heard on her podcast, Meredyth with a Why, and found on TikTok helping people live a better life.

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