"When you know better, you do better"
-Maya Angelou

Reach the Top

Awaken the Power Within

Entrepreneurs and business owners have an inner calling to create! They bring to the world that which wasn't there before.

Their power exudes from them by way of what they do and what they bring to the world. They find their calling from within, like an artist or sculpture, of the business world. In this class you will get to know your inner Fire on a person level.

See her, feel her and know her as accessible to you at all times. Being creative and digging deep, on the daily can be a struggle at times, and we can find ourselves with a business or creative BLOCK.

Maybe you have recently hit a wall? Maybe you are trying to reinvent yourself or your business? Perhaps you want to start over and don't know where to turn? When you get to know the Fire within you, you are able to access this energy when you feel stuck, lost, deflated or worse... uninspired!

Join me as we Awaken the Power Within

Zoom Class $30

Father and Daughter

Walking with Yes, in Uncertainty

We are living in the most Uncertain times of our lives.  Every day is an opportunity for growth and change, but also for Uncertainty and Fear.  But this is actually nothing new, just a new catalyst. 

We live every day inside of the space of Uncertainty.  For some, this is exciting and allows for the change and spontaneity they crave.  For others, consistency and Certainty is desired.  Yet for both, the desire for WHAT IS EXPECTED, is equally a Certainty that is desired.

Perhaps you want more from your future but these drastic changes have you frozen in fear?  Maybe you are ready to embrace the future with a lighter heart and less stress?  

Join me as we transform Uncertainty into a Super Power!

Zoom Class $30

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Step into the Power of Action

Ideas and Dreams are wonderful!  They are the seeds of action and manifestation. But, what if this is the stage of creating that we get stuck in?  What if we are the inventor of so many ideas, but the creator of none?

We live in a distracted world.  Life and information zoom by in the blink of an eye.  We go from task to task and idea to idea and believe multitasking is a gift of productivity, but is it?


Join me as we work to peel away the blocks and patterns that keep us from reaching our goals. 


* Wake up to the behaviors that have kept you at the dream stage, and eluded 
  you from the goal.

* Learn how to pull in the energy used to act!

* Channel your creator energy!

* Step into the Power that is yours!

Join me as we go from Ideas & Dreams to Actions & Results

Experience an energy flow and mindful, guided meditation for the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras. Allow the flow of energy as you explore and discover the secrets hidden deep within your Heart and Solar Plexus.

Heart Walls and Trapped Emotions are energetic magnets. When we go through trauma or experience negative emotions, we store these emotions in our bodies as energetic memories. We then move forward in life attracting experiences and people that mirror our energetic frequency.

When we are able to release these trapped emotions and heart walls, we are free to experience life in a new, free and unincombered way.

In appointment we can do Emotional Release, and in this group glass we will be doing a guided meditation to Discover, Balance and Detox these energetic trapped emotions and experiences.

Heart Chakra: Empathy, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance. Heart, lungs, chest, arms and hands.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Confidence, vitality, personal power, authenticity, digestion, stomach, digestive system, IBS, ulders, pancreas issues.

Release old traumas | Discover imbalances | Be free from energetic ties

$30 Zoom Class

Heart Chakra and Solar Plexus Detox