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Let's get Classy 

Let's Get Classy




The Basics of Mediumship in a easy to understand course with written material and videos.

Learn all the ways that you can receive messages from spirit and what is the best and safest ways to tap into spirit energy.

Easy to understand information that removes any confusion or fear and allows you to see the science and logic behind mediumship and energy.

This course is good for anyone that is interested in being a medium, and is not sure where to turn for help, or a lay person who is just interested in how mediumship works!


Psychic, Intuition & YOU

We all have intuition and many of us are sensitive, but how do we use these "things" to help us in our daily life, or even use these abilities as a career path.

What you will learn in this Webinar:
* What energy feels like
* You have an energy body and so does everyone
* How to practice your "Clairs"
* What are you tapping into and how?
* How to strengthen intuition and the "whisper"
* Books and classes to further your openness
* What does psychic/intuitive/medium mean and why?
* Tools for heightening your abilities
* Ways to practice and with whom?
* Tapping into living and dead people...ethically and safely!
* Practicing with nature, animals and spaces


Candle Burning Ritual

Change Your

life today

5 Steps to a better life in an easy to follow print and video class.

I have put together the top 5 common challenges and fixes have seen and worked on with people over the last decade.  

This five part class will address real time issues and challenges people face every day and how to change your life NOW!

Stop the insanity of doing the same thing and expecting a different result and different life, THIS is a better way!


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